Snapdragon vs Exynos: Which Processor Is Better?

Snapdragon vs Exynos

We all love our shiny new smartphones, but what we don’t always consider is the processor that is tucked away in the device. Those devices all store a lot of power and capability hidden inside, and the two most dominant smartphone processors on the market right now are the Qualcomm Snapdragon and the Samsung Exynos. The question is, which of these two processors is better and which one should you look for when buying your next smartphone?

Qualcomm Snapdragon: The “Go-To” Processor

You could say the Qualcomm Snapdragon is the go-to processor for many smartphone companies. It’s the most widely used processor for many Android devices and is considered a great choice for those wanting a balanced combination of performance, power, and compatibility. It’s used in a number of powerful devices from Google, Samsung, Asus, Motorola, LG, and Acer, to name just a few.

Snapdragon vs Exynos

What makes the Qualcomm Snapdragon so appealing is its versatile design. It allows for smartphone manufacturers to customize their device’s processor configuration to better meet their needs. For example, Samsung can create a Snapdragon processor to better fit the needs of their flagship devices. The company can also tweak the performance of the Snapdragon processor in order to assure that their Galaxy line of phones has the best configuration available.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon is well-suited to those who are looking for a smartphone that is going to last and maintain its performance over its lifespan. The processor typically won’t require an upgrade with each new phone purchase, and its features are often compatible with existing apps and services, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Samsung Exynos: A Different Brand of Processors

On the flip side, Samsung has been using its own brand of processors for their smartphones for many years now. The company produces a range of Exynos processors, but since 2019, the Exynos 9810 has been the dominant processor for Samsung phones. The Exynos 9810 offers a number of improvements compared to the Snapdragon processor, including better GPU and CPU performance.

The Exynos processor is well-suited to those who are looking for maximum performance on their new device. Samsung’s Exynos chips are optimized to deliver top-notch levels of performance and it’s considered to be one of the fastest processors on the market. It’s also well-suited to gamers as its graphics performance is generally better than the Snapdragon.

Snapdragon vs Exynos

The truth is, there’s no single answer to this question. You should take into consideration your own needs and decide which processor would best meet them. If you’re looking for a device that’s going to last for years and offer reliable performance, then the Qualcomm Snapdragon is likely your best bet. If you’re looking for maximum performance, then the Exynos processor may be a better choice. 

Ultimately the decision is yours, but one thing we suggest is to not be swayed by the promises of superlative performances offered by some specialized processors. Many of these specialized chipsets offer excellent performance but don’t always offer the same level of app and OS compatibility as the Snapdragon and Exynos processors. 

At the end of the day, what matters most is whether you are going to be happy and satisfied with your smartphone’s performance. So, take some time to consider your needs and pick the processor that’s right for you!

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