How to load glo card the USSD way

Recharging your Glo line can be done in a jiffy if you follow the right steps. The process of loading a Glo card involves scratching a card to reveal the recharge pin, dialing a specific code on your mobile phone, waiting for confirmation and then voila, your phone will be credited with the amount stated on the card. However, while loading a Glo card seems straightforward, some individuals tend to have issues along the way; either the recharge pin gets scratched off or the code is entered wrongly. Worry not, as in this article, we’ll be highlighting the steps you need to take so as not to encounter such issues when loading your Glo line.

how to load glo card

Scratch off the surface.

One common mistake that many make while trying to load is, they become overzealous while scratching off the digits on the card, causing several digits to come off with the protective layer. With this said, it is vital to scratch gently and to make use of a coin or hard surface to ensure that the digits on the card are not destroyed in the process.

how to load glo card

Dial the Code Properly

Assuming that you have somehow managed to correctly scratch the digits from your Glo card, the next step is to dial the recharge code which is *123*rechargepin#. In some cases, there could be a mix-up in the inputting of the recharge code, or an extra digit might have been added mistakenly. It is therefore imperative that you input the code correctly, without any unnecessary additions, to ensure that your line is recharged.

Wait for the Confirmation

After dialing the code, the next step is waiting for the confirmation message. This message from Glo simply confirms that your recharge has been successfully processed. If you do not receive this message within a few seconds of loading your card, it is advised that you double-check your recharge pin and code input to ensure you dialed the right numbers.

Contact Customer Care If You Have Issues

In the event that, after all the steps above, you still face issues during the recharge process, it is best to contact a Glo customer care agent for help. The company’s customer care lines are available 24/7, and they’ll be happy to assist you in any way they can.


The steps to follow on how to load glo card is pretty much straightforward, and can be accomplished in no time, as long as you follow them dutifully. Remember to scratch the card gently, dial the right code, wait for confirmation, and if you experience any challenges, we advise you to contact a customer care agent for help.

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