Dashlane VPN Review

Dashlane VPN Review

A VPN that exists independently, without any additional services bundled with it, is referred to as a standalone VPN. Typically, non-VPN service providers include VPN as a part of their offerings. For example, Dashlane VPN, which is a password manager, not only manages passwords but also provides VPN services.

However, the effectiveness of such a bundled VPN is questionable. In order to assess the performance of Dashlane VPN and evaluate its relevance to real users, we conducted tests on various significant metrics.

Dashlane VPN Overview

Dashlane is a modern platform for managing passwords that comes equipped with a complimentary VPN service. 

However, unlike other VPN providers, Dashlane’s VPN operates via a third-party technology named Hotspot Shield, which is owned by Pango. Even though Dashlane is based in Paris, its VPN provider’s headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Ukraine and Russia.

Hotspot Shield boasts over 3,200 servers that are spread across more than 80 countries, but the number of these servers that are available to Dashlane users or whether they utilize all of them remains unclear. We do know that these servers are located in 26 countries, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, and Singapore.

As of this review, neither Dashlane nor Hotspot Shield had undergone any security audits, despite Dashlane’s claim that “their products are regularly audited by multiple security auditors.” We could not locate any publicly accessible audit findings.

Dashlane VPN Pricing Plan

Dashlane VPN Pricing Plan

If you purchase an individual or family account with Dashlane, you will have access to both a password manager and a VPN. It is worth noting that Dashlane VPN is not a standalone VPN service, but rather a password manager service that includes VPN as one of its features.

While Dashlane offers a 30-day free trial for their service, it does not include VPN access.

The cost for an individual account is $3.33 per month, while a family account costs $59.99 ($4.99 per month). Dashlane’s VPN has no device restrictions, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service for any reason. Payment options for Dashlane include PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

Can Dashlane VPN Unblock Streaming Services?

The use of VPNs for browsing the internet and streaming content has become increasingly popular. However, given that Dashlane VPN is a password manager that offers VPN service as an additional feature rather than a standalone VPN, we did not anticipate it to be effective in unlocking geo-restricted content.

Due to its integration into the password manager platform, Dashlane’s VPN does not provide easy access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ which are often blocked in certain regions. In contrast, Hotspot Shield is capable of bypassing such restrictions.

Therefore, if your goal is to access geo-restricted content, Dashlane may not be the best option for you. It is recommended that you look for a standalone VPN provider that meets your needs. Our list of alternative VPN providers, such as Expressvpn and NordVPN, are capable of unblocking any geo-restricted content, and we encourage you to explore these options.

How Fast is Dashlane VPN?

The use of a virtual private network (VPN) to access the internet can have varying effects on your connection speed. While most VPNs reroute your data through an encrypted tunnel to change your IP address, which can cause a decrease in speed, the best VPNs have little to no effect on your connection speed.

In our tests, we used Dashlane VPN on an 80 Mbps connection and achieved a download speed of 62 Mbps for a server located in Germany and 42.40 Mbps for a server located in the United Kingdom.

However, when we tested servers in more remote locations, the download speed was significantly lower, with a meagre of 8.67 Mbps. This is consistent with what is generally expected from VPNs, as the farther the distance between the user and the VPN server, the more likely it is to cause a decrease in speed.

Is your Data Safe with Dashlane VPN?

Dashlane VPN relies on industry-standard AES-256 encryption and supports protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, and Catapult Hydra. The specific protocol you receive depends on the device you’re using. For instance, OpenVPN is available for Windows and Android, while Catapult Hydra is available for Mac and iOS devices. It is important to note that Dashlane VPN is not a standalone VPN, but rather uses Hotspot Shield.

According to Dashlane VPN, the VPN service does not log any of the websites you visit, and no personally identifiable data about its customers is shared with Pango’s Hotspot Shield.

Dashlane only collects technical data related to your VPN connection to ensure stable performance. However, since Dashlane and its VPN provider have not made their platforms available for external auditors to verify their claims, we can only take their word for it.

While Dashlane’s VPN supports torrenting, the company does not endorse illegal torrenting and recommends that users check their local laws before torrenting with any VPN. Unlike some other VPN services, Dashlane VPN does not offer split tunnelling or a kill switch feature.

App and Support

Dashlane VPN App and support

Dashlane’s got apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS that you can download from their website and install real quick. It’s super user-friendly too, so you won’t have trouble getting started. You can turn on the VPN from the app’s toolbar too, which is super handy.

If you need help, you can check out the knowledge base on their website, or hit up their customer service via live chat or email. Just a heads up though, their email support is a bit slow and sometimes the knowledge base sends auto-responses. 

What VPN can I use Instead of Dashlane VPN?

If you’re looking for a top-notch VPN service, check out our recommended alternatives below.

Express VPN boasts the title of being the fastest option available due to its impressive website unblocking capabilities. It allows you to browse the internet privately and securely, unblock geographically restricted content, and hide your IP address while respecting your privacy and undergoing security evaluations to prove its no-log claims.

NordVPN, a renowned VPN provider, offers unrestricted access to your favorite websites and military-grade online security. With its strict no-log policy, it doesn’t store any records of your activities, and it allows connections from up to six devices simultaneously.

Windscribe provides an easy way to try its service with 10 GB of free data on top of its wide range of features, user-friendly applications, and generous free plan. It also offers various cost-effective plans and payment options and can unblock popular streaming services.

TunnelBear can bypass most streaming service geo-restrictions, comes with an entertaining theme, and robust security features, and has undergone the best independent audits available. It’s also an excellent choice for VPN newbies, as it simplifies the VPN experience.

What we like

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • AES-256 encryption and multiple protocols for security
  • No logs policy and no sharing of personal information with third parties
  • Compatible with major operating systems and devices
  • Live chat and email support
  • Can be used for torrenting

What we dislike

  • Limited server locations
  • Does not unblock popular streaming services
  • Slow email support
  • No split tunneling or kill switch features
  • Not audited by an independent third party to verify its security claims 

Final Thoughts

By now, it should be clear that Dashlane’s VPN is not a standalone VPN service, but rather an additional feature of its password manager platform. However, it still performs well for a non-standalone VPN service, using end-to-end ES 256-bit encryption and offering reasonable speeds. One downside is that it is based in the United States, and neither Dashlane nor its VPN provider have undergone a security audit. The VPN is also not ideal for streaming, and the free trial does not include VPN access.